Credit:KAvenyou | Photo by:XuanlinReuploaded & Posted by: SoulAngel701 (

Credit:KAvenyou | Photo by:Xuanlin
Reuploaded & Posted by: SoulAngel701 (

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For all you perverts out there XD


USAUK Drama CD (Sex scene) 

THEY DID IT!!1111111111 OOMG!!!!!11

Unfortunately we can’t see that ;3;



SJ Shufflin’ Part II :D

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meme-spot: YEESSS

Tennant Parks where He Wants.

meme-spot: YEESSS

Tennant Parks where He Wants.


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That is all 

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Also, thinkiing about making an ask My OC account. Yes./ no?

me gusta


After watching Boku No P-U, it’s good to cleanse your palette with some real yaoi. Two grown men, no censorship. The uke can actually take care of himself and doesn’t dress in ridiculous clothes (save for the second, but he’s forced to do that).

If you haven’t seen this yaoi before, it’s called Sensitive Pornograph, and it’s the absolute most graphic you can get pretty much anywhere. Every yaoi fangirl in the entire world wants every yaoi episode or ova or anything to be like Sensitive Pornograph.

The first part features at least a tiny bit of plot. Not every minute is pornpornporn. There’s love and romance and even a bit of angst involved. But mostly that stuff is an excuse for the seme to shove his dick up the uke’s ass.

The second part is purely porn. Like, I don’t think anyone even gets the story. All they know is that there’s this guy, and he babysits pets, and thEN ALL OF A SUDDEN HE’S GETTING HIS COCKED SUCKED. Oh, and after that someone gets their ass beat and there’s this moment where you have to infer that they’re having sex again. I think.


View in full screen for awesomeness.


From STEAL! series. Asuka and Matori are fucking(✿ ♥‿♥) 。₀:

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Just some Hajime x Asuka sex, from the STEAL! series. Download for the CD can be found on my blog. Hajime is so great(´≝ ‿ ≝`)

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